B23r allows R users to leverage Project workflow in combination with Packrat and a pre-set Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucketconnection to save and restore project environments across stacks or working sessions. Read our documentation.

B23r also contains a set of functionality for mediating development of Shiny applications by providing the necessary functions to deploy and update files on the Shiny Server file system without leaving the R Server IDE. Read our Shiny Development documentation.

B23r v0.1.6: Save Package Templates for use in Future Projects


Saving and restoring projects with B23r and AWS S3 is part of our essential cloud functional workflow, but what if you wanted to use the environment packages from one project to seed the empty environment of a new project?

B23r now supports the creation of package templates saved out to S3 which can then be reused in brand new projects.

Step 1: Save currently installed packages as a ‘Package Template’

  • Come up with a descriptive name for the group of packages you want to save
  • Verify that all the packages you want to include in the template are listed in your Packrat Library
  • Run savePkgTemplate('descriptiveName')
  • The B23r::savePkgTemplate function will save a copy of the packrat.lock file in your current project out to the AWS S3 bucket you have linked

Step 2: Reuse a saved package template in a new project

  • Create a new project in RStudio: File > New Project…
  • Navigate to ~/ingest-data/saved-templates to view all your available package templates
  • Run initPkgTemplate('descriptiveName.txt')
  • The B23r::initPkgTemplate function will create a packrat.lock file for your new project and install all the new packages

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