Introducing B23 Dataflow Monitoring

Monitoring data flows is a key differentiator for organizations that operate production Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning (“ML”) workflows in order to derive accurate, reliable, and responsive outcomes. B23 is a pioneer in the area of AIOps and... read more

Kubectl cleanup plugin:

Kubectl cleanup plugin: At B23, much of our work involves spinning up new Kubernetes clusters on edge computing and storage devices to test our applied machine learning (“AML”) workloads. Using our B23 Data Platform... read more

Not All Kubernetes Services Are Equal. We Should Know.

Kubernetes promises the long sought-after capability to fully abstract underlying public cloud, private cloud, and edge infrastructure from the perspective of software applications that perform specific functions, or workloads. For B23, the value of Kubernetes means... read more

B23 Highlighted at Jeffries’s Battlefin Conference

Having just returned from yet another extremely productive Jefferies’s BattleFin conference in Miami, our team was reflecting on several themes we observed occurring in the financial services and hedge fund artificial intelligence (“AI”) market.  With 470... read more