Announcing Jupyter Notebook on the B23 Data Platform

B23 is happy to announce we’ve added Jupyter Notebook as the latest stack in our platform. Jupyter has quickly become a favorite with Data Scientists because of its notebook format and support of many programming languages like R, Scala and Python. The B23 Data... read more

Announcing File-Level Integration with GitHub

Packing up and moving your big data from on-premises can be daunting from workload capacity and timing pressures to worry over protecting your proprietary projects. B23 Data Platform has already automated the process of launching software inside virtual private... read more

Introducing Integration with Enterprise Authentication

Imagine how much extra productivity you could unleash if your time wasn’t burdened trying to manage a myriad of username and password combinations. With ever-growing demands for tighter security, increasingly complex passwords are a mental drain. On a personal level... read more