Capabilities – Cloud

When properly used, the Cloud allows consumers to interact with traditional infrastructure technologies exactly like interacting with software.  B23 refers to this programmable infrastructure.

By treating infrastructure as software, applications hosted in the Cloud are more resilient, durable, secure, and easier to maintain.  When developed correctly, applications should leverage the elasticity of the Cloud and scale to meet a greater set of performance demands.  Cloud security, when executed properly, can actually make data stored in the Cloud more secure than legacy data center alternatives.  Most firms still treat the Cloud like traditional data centers and do not recognize critical cost and performance benefits.  B23 has helped a variety of firms in the Fortune 500 as well as agile startups leverage the Cloud the way it was intended.

From our heritage at Amazon Web Services (AWS), our team has helped hundreds of customers build web-scale analytics applications in the Cloud. We have helped customers migrate and secure their most import asset, their data, to the Cloud as well. We embrace the often quoted axiom that there is “no compression algorithm for experience.”

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