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Managed Services for Data Engineering and Applied Machine Learning

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B23 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automation discovers, transforms, and synthesizes data from multiple sources to provide innovative data-driven insights.


At B23, we build high value Big Data and Cloud analytics solutions that bring data closer to the consumer for analysis.

We understand that in today’s fast paced business environment organizations don’t have time to waste waiting on IT. B23 empowers the enterprise to ingest raw data and rapidly transform it to competitive intelligence.


B23 provides a wide range of managed and engineering & enablement services related to cloud data management, data engineering, and applied machine learning so you get faster and more expert time to value

Managed Data Engineering

Getting data engineering right is a zero-sum game.  B23 can unblock machine learning initiatives in your organization by getting the data engineering, data cleaning, and data wrangling correct quickly, and unlock the full value of your data and algorithms.

Applied Machine Learning

Unlocking the full potential of your data requires an in-depth understanding of how modern algorithms can be applied to data flows. B23 helps customers integrate optimized data flows with cloud-based machine learning algorithms to operationalize AI and monetize data-driven insights.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Managing data in the cloud requires a new set of skills and capabilities to comply with an increasing number of compliance regimes and security risks. B23 hybrid cloud codified lessons learned help organizations mitigate these risks when operating in one or multiple clouds.  We continue to observe the axiom that there is no compression algorithm for experience.

B23 Data Domains

Understanding how to unlock specific types of cross-industry data types requires know-how that only comes from experience.  B23 Data Domains are core competencies for specific types of data including social media and news, imagery and video, clickstream, geospatial location, text-based natural language processing, and all forms of consumer transactional data.


The B23 Data Platform discovers, transforms, synthesizes, and manages data from a variety of sources to provide unique and predictive insights.


    B23 is well versed with many open source JavaScript and commercial visualization applications that enable analysts, data scientists and stakeholders to collaborate and make informed decisions.

    B23 helps scale our customers’ custom algorithms on platforms that meet their data size and temporal requirements. We assist implementing algorithms for real-time, micro-batch, and batch processing requirements.

    B23 uses modern data ingest and streaming technologies to get data from its source to where it can be analyzed. We select the right technology to meet source requirements, data types, throughput, latency, and analytical framework requirements.

    The nexus between infrastructure and data is what B23 calls the data access layer. B23 uses a variety of applications that are best suited for our customers’ data structure, scheme, scalability, durability, and analytical requirements.

    Infrastructure abstraction and resource management helps organizations use their existing resources more efficiently. Abstracting resources across Cloud providers, compute clusters, or even single machines empowers our customers to gain more control in deciding how to best manage their infrastructure.

    Programmable Infrastructure is the key foundation to building dynamic and automated analytical platforms. B23 uses Cloud Application Programmable Interfaces (API’s) and Software Development Kits (SDK’s) to automate the management of software defined networks, software defined storage, and virtualized machines.


B23 uses fanatical automation to orchestrate compute and storage infrastructures to support a diverse set of data flow, data engineering, and data lake capabilities.  From traditional compute, to GPU, and even specialized form factor hardware solutions.

Public Cloud

  • Support for all major public cloud providers

Edge Computing

  • Ruggedized and standard form factor for deployment in austere and retail office locations


  • Traditional on-premise data center environments

Flow and Collection

B23’s Data Flow Library supports our customers’ data processing needs faster and more securely using data-flow-as-code automated deployments. Our data-flow-as-code ensures consistency and durability that are critical for data centric applications.


  • Hundreds of standard and custom adapters to acquire data from any data source


  • Flexible and durable data pipelines to handle any type of data, at any size, and resilient to anomalies and DVR-like data playback


  • Software applications to transform and analyze batch generated or streaming data

Applied Machine Learning

B23’s applied machine learning uses foundational machine learning algorithms applied to transformed data flows. Engineering data flows to seamlessly work with fine-tuned algorithms that can be deployed to production environments in minutes.

Feature Engineering

  • Incorporating additional context for data to be used by machine learning algorithms

Model Training and Testing

  • Use of public cloud infrastructure and technologies to train machine learning models at scale using big data

Deployment and Inference

  • Inference capabilities on large and small form factor devices from cloud-based GPU’s to embedded devices

Delivery and Operations

B23’s Data Delivery and Operations allows for production environment monitoring and visibility for mission critical data flows


  • B23 supports customer interfaces to data using defined API’s, SQL interfaces, and programmatic access to cloud data stores


  • B23 supports data-centric common operating picture dashboard for enhanced performance management and visibility

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About Us

What’s with the name B23?

We started B23 (“Bee” “Two” “Three”) to help customers see through the hype and uncertainty of Big Data and Data Science. B23 provides a new source for Big Ideas, and most importantly provides capabilities to implement those big ideas. We are currently based in the Washington, D.C. area, but we will travel anywhere a customer is in need!

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B23 Board Advisors


Peter Cohen is the principal and founder of Xendota. He is a 17 year Amazon veteran and founding member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team, where he spent eleven years in senior technical and business roles helping to build the business.  Peter joined B23 as an Advisor to the Board November 2016.


Alan Sobba has spent the past 25 years in strategic public policy and in 2007 founded Sobba Public, LLC. He has held senior management positions in several organizations including the International Derivatives Clearing Group (IDCG) and Office for the Commissioner of Baseball. Alan joined B23 as an Advisor to the Board November 2016.