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Data Mesh for Access 

and Analytics

Unlock the value of your data across multiple data domains with Managed Data Mesh

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                             B23 Managed Data Mesh

Extract Intelligence from Data with B23 Managed Data Mesh. Unlock traditionally hard to access data and gain ubiquitous data access and analytics. The B23 RestAPI and UI enable users to interact with data in minutes. 

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B23 Data Mesh Platform



What is Data Infrastructure and why should you care? You should not care as long as you get the data when, how, and where you need it.  As part of B23's Managed Data Mesh and using a variety of Kubernetes capabilities B23 can deploy the necessary data infrastructure in the hardware environment - from Edge to Cloud to On-premise - required to make your venture successful.


Dataflow-as-Code gives developers the ability to maintain, version, and configure their data flow logic as code.  Data admins can deploy that code in a fully automated way with no user intervention.  State is maintained across deployments; components of data flows can be used to encapsulate common and repeatable data flow paradigms.  Dataflow-as-Code is the backbone to a fully functioning Data Mesh.



Ensuring data is accessible to your users in a timely and consistent manner is key to a trusted Data Mesh.  Monitoring data flows is a key differentiator for organizations that operate production AI/ML workflows or other applications to derive accurate, reliable, and responsive outcomes. A well-operated data mesh should have existing service level agreements in place for data input sources and for domain consumers and this is only possible with B23 Dataflow Monitoring.


The ability to version control data sets, machine learning models, and intermediate files and treat data like code pipelines in Git is critical for deploying and updating new technical capabilities. B23 Data Mesh integrates data version control into the Data Mesh Platform to gain the most value from your data and remove friction from getting code into production. Enabling code and data provenance helps track the evolution of your ML models, guaranteeing reproducibility and reducing switching costs back and forth between experiments.

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Managed B23 Data Mesh makes traditional Data Mesh software actionable by acting as a Data Product Manager and overseeing the full lifecycle of how data is used within an organization.  Working hand-in-hand to determine our clients’ data domain needs B23 helps to define purpose, value, SLA’s, security needs, packaging and many other variables to deliver data products for raw data, derived data, algorithms, decision support and automated decision-making.

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About B23

Extracting Competitive Intelligence from Data

B23 was founded in 2014 by former sales and technical executives at Amazon Web Services for the sole purpose of extracting competitive intelligence from data.  As thought leaders in the technology space they applied the principles learned from AWS of abstracting non-domain specific value-added work for businesses as they recognized it was becoming increasing critical for business operations.  Over the years as technology leaders and technology as evolved, B23 evolved to continue to provide ubiquitous data access and continue to extract competitive intelligence from data for its clients.

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