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B23 Openings

The most important attributes for a B23 teammate are: curiosity, creativity, and flexibility. We look for teammates with the curiosity to ask big questions, the creativity to explore innovative answers to those questions, and the flexibility to build a system to implement those answers.

In addition to our aggressive compensation and ability to work with top thought leaders and customers in their respective domains, we offer the following:

  • Aggressive corporate matching for 401k retirement program

  • Remote work with monthly team meetings and Happy Hours

  • Flexible work schedule and locations 

  • Generous allotment of modern development tools and laptops

  • Encourage authorship of professional publications

  • Ability to take part in open source project contributions

  • Recruiting bonuses

  • Many more benefits and fun...

AI/ML Data Engineer & Java Developer

B23 is currently hiring Data Engineer Java Developer for implementing data engineering applications in software systems such as Apache Nifi, Apache Spark, Apache Airflow and other other source data tools.

Ideal candidates will possess the following skills and capabilities:

  • Ability to reason about complex technology and engineering challenges and develop software to solve those challenges

  • Ability to develop clear, concise, performant software using the Java programming language

  • Thorough understanding of Java general purposes packages including Collections and associated data structures and algorithms

  • Experience building performant Java applications running on cloud and container-based systems

  • Experience relevant productivity tools include Maven, git, etc.

  • Understanding of foundational cloud computing architectures and components from Azure, GCP, and AWS

If you would like to apply please email your resume to:

Business Development Manager

B23 is currently hiring a Business Development Manager to find, win, and manage new projects and engagements.  Ideal candidates will possess the following skills and capablities:

  • Work with the Sales and Marketing teams to update and execute sales plans and build the sales pipeline

  • Create new business opportunities to feed the B23 sales team and build and maintain partnerships with partner organizations

  • Execute Business Development Plans within the current B23 market verticals and research and develop Business Development Plans for new market verticals

  • Report progress and metrics to B23 Senior Management based on Business Development Plans

  • Generous variable compensation for successful achievement of business metrics

If you would like to apply please email your resume to:

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