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Announcing File-Level Integration with GitHub

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February 23rd, 2017

Packing up and moving your big data from on-premises can be daunting from workload capacity and timing pressures to worry over protecting your proprietary projects. B23 Data Platform has already automated the process of launching software inside virtual private clouds. Now B23’s latest feature offers you the convenience and security of seamless GitHub integration. Want to avoid using a config file or command line? Not excited about loading and installing tons of software to sync your project files? B23 Data Platform now automatically clones your Git repository upon your stack launch. B23 has brought GitHub integration to you and the other 70,000+ organizations that trust the GitHub software building community.

Got a few minutes? B23 lets you select individual files or entire stacks of data to move. Just sit back and relax while you watch your projects securely populate the R environment where your data will reside on one or more nodes without ever touching the Internet, unless you so desire. With OAuth, there’s also no need to provide any sensitive credentials to B23 for authorization.

Walking through our GitHub integration, you’ll be presented the option to link your GitHub account with B23 Data Platform.

Then you select one of the GitHub repositories under your account or enter a customized repository name.

Finally, you can select individual files to move or copy the entire repository to your chosen destination.

Now we’ve removed another step between you and your data! GitHub integration is currently available for the R and SparklyR stacks. Be sure to check out this feature as we continue to provision more opportunities for automated deployment of development environments. Please reach out to us at for more ways we can help drive your data solutions.


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