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Announcing Jupyter Notebook on the B23 Data Platform

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March 7th, 2018

B23 is happy to announce we’ve added Jupyter Notebook as the latest stack in our platform. Jupyter has quickly become a favorite with Data Scientists because of its notebook format and support of many programming languages like R, Scala and Python. The B23 Data Platform gives Data Scientists access to their preferred data processing tools in a secure, automated environment targeted specifically to their business needs.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 80% of organizations believe the inability for teams to work together on common data slows the organization’s ability to quickly reach business objectives.

B23 Data Platform can help these organizations boost their data science team’s productivity with notebook collaboration and sharing tools like Jupyter. Thanks to easier data access and computing power paired with rich web user interfaces, open source capabilities and scalable data cloud-processing solutions, Jupyter Notebook adds another favored power tool to B23 Data Platform.

With just a few button clicks, the Jupyter stack launches.

Open the Jupyter Notebook URL and you are ready start coding!

The B23 Data Platform is an open, secure, and fast marketplace for big data, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. In minutes, Data Scientists can securely analyze their data in the cloud — with the freedom to use familiar tools like Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin, R Studio, H2O and Jupyter Notebook. Discover a better way to analyze your data with B23.


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