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B23 Announces B23 Data Platform integration with the Google Kubernetes Engine (“GKE”)

Today we are excited to announce our B23 Data Platform integration with the Google Kubernetes Engine (“GKE”).

That’s why it made perfect sense to enhance our existing data platform offerings with multiple cloud-vendor Kubernetes services which will extend our data engineering and applied machine learning workloads to even more environments.

B23 has been “productionizing” the difficult and non-differentiated data engineering activities for Fortune 20 companies, financial services, large cybersecurity, leading telecommunications providers, and many other firms for several years.

This integration will make it easy to service more customers who prefer Google Cloud Platform (“GCP”) as they ask B23 to build, manage, and operate complex data pipelines.

This video shows a brief overview of how we have simplified the process to extend customer machine learning workloads onto GKE.

B23 provides managed data engineering and applied machine learning services for its customers so they can focus on the extracting the business value of data – and not focus on commoditized engineering. Building and operating durable data analysis infrastructure, and running algorithms at scale, on a 24/7 basis, are challenges that most modern organizations are facing today. By partnering with B23, our customers’ business analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers are free to focus on their core-competency, performing data analysis that will be most impactful to their business.

The B23 Data Platform supports a variety of data-processing and analysis-centric software.  We support both open source software, as well as enterprise-specific, and sometimes proprietary data modeling and analysis applications.  By providing ready-to-use data flow tools like Apache Nifi and Apache Airflow, data processing tools like Apache Spark and data analysis and visualization tools like Jupyter and Tableau, B23 is able to transform data into deliverable quickly and with the highest degree of operational excellence.

We are excited to bring these same high-value workloads to GKE using our B23 Data Platform.

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