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B23 Becomes Certified Google Cloud Partner

B23 is announcing today that is has successfully achieved multiple tiers of membership within Google Cloud Partner Platform. This partnership achievement is a result of meeting many technology and business criteria including integration of our B23 Data Platform (“BDP”) with the Google Cloud Platform (“GCP”), specifically Google Kubernetes Engine (“GKE”).

B23 has also obtained a multitude of Google technical certifications for our engineering and development team including the Google Professional Cloud Architect and Google Professional Data Engineer certifications. These technology capabilities and certifications will further enhance B23’s data engineering and applied machine learning service capabilities when using GCP.

B23 is now a certified and approved GCP partner in the following areas:

Google Cloud Platform Services

This focus area allows B23 customers to leverage the collective intelligence of Google engineers by aligning our B23 Data Platform features to Google’s innovation roadmap, like cutting-edge machine learning and Google’s fast, secure infrastructure, which scales to fit our customer needs.

Google Cloud Partner Services

This focus area allows B23 customers additional access to Google’s expanded offering of innovative cloud-first solutions, including data analytics, machine learning, cloud migration, IoT, productivity apps, and more.

Google Cloud Trusted Reseller

This focus area will allow B23 to resell GCP services to our customers if required. B23 was fully vetted by Google as a trusted reseller.

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